Idiomas Compra / Venta de Frisones





We buy Friesian calves directly from the dairy farm during their first weeks of life. We arrange a stable price with the farmer and programme periodical collections in order to take male calves. We adapt to each farmer's withdrawal needs.

We collect them with our own vehicle, which is adapted to the optimal transport of this kind of animals.


Nowadays we have several collecting areas located in the regions of Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon and Valencia.


Friesian calves directly from the dairy farm



We give the highest importance to the clients' preferences and needs. We project our sales in both, national and foreign markets.


We have two kinds of sales:

  • Calves weaning for their breeding at destination.

  • Calves fattening, direct for slaughter. We dispose of a wide range of sizes and weights according to market demands.


We conduct a thorough health control traceability which we provide to our customers. We have detailed reports of all treatments our animals have been subjected to for proper handling on arrival.


Vaccination campaigns. We systematically conduct official disease eradication campaigns; tuberculosis, brucellosis and bluetongue; with our veterinarians to continually have animals fit for their mobility. We are in possession of the health status B4 T3.