Idiomas Cebo de terneros




Our goal: To get a quality product that meets the requirements and demands of each client is our main aim.



Intensive feed

There are different types of feed. Weather conditions, land division and our location determine that intensive feed is right to raise our cattle.



The positive impact of raw material quality is one of our convictions. We use soybean meal high protein, monitor the quality of grain barley, use quality vegetable oils, soybean oil, and work with a good bran and carob for the youngest.


Water is the third element they get fed with.

It must be cleaned and controlled, as it can be an important source of infection, thus we have a water purification system to remove impurities.


Intensive feed, nutrition and water



Searching for maximum profitability at the time of sale of the animal. Keep in mind these three factors:

  • Feed consumption regarding replacement. Friesian breed has good reset rates but the problem is that at a certain age the conversion begins to decay very quickly.
    The price of kilogram sale. Depending on the price each customer can offer and animal size required the type of animal that we should sell must be determined.

  • Stabling time. We must not forget we have immobile capital to amortize. The seats occupied on a holding must be creating added value.



Health care

Ternero FrisónDaily all blocks are inspected to see the status of animals. In case you have a sick calf, the health protocol established by the veterinarian responsible is applied according to the symptoms of the animal.


In turn they are stored in the record book treatments to keep up to date health data traceability of each animal.


Housing conditions

Calves are gregarious animals which live in herds. Hierarchies are established in each barn. This peculiarity must be taken into account when designing a block. They must have enough space to feed in the stable so that the competence will not prejudice its reposition. When designing a stable, the ease with which they will be able to develop the clean-up, the movement of animals and the distribution of bed must be must considered.